Custom Designed Apple Mail Stationery

In Apple Mail application, bundled in every Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard and later versions only) operating system, there's an innovative feature called, Mail Stationery. A number of professionally designed email stationery templates included in Apple Mail let you compose beautiful emails effortlessly. But Apple Mail includes only a small number of email stationery templates to choose from.

With our new Custom Email Stationery Design service, you now can have the perfect-looking email stationery that you've been looking for. Whether it's for your business, matching the look of your website/logo/letterhead, or for your favorite holidays, we can design & develop that unique email stationery personalized just for you.

Compatible only with Apple Mail in Mac OS X Leopard & later versions

Please keep in mind that our email stationery templates are made to be used in Apple Mail software only. This also means, you cannot use this stationery in other email client softwares such as Microsoft Outlook. However, emails sent with our stationery templates can be displayed in all the popular email services and web browsers. If you'd like to use our email stationery in any other softwares, please contact us for further customization.

Sample Stationery Designs



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