Online Marketing Service

How do I attract more customers to my website in a short time without breaking the bank, you asked? Of course, there are many ways to bring more traffic to your site, but look no further than our PPC (Pay-Per-Click), or paid search advertising. With our PPC advertising, you can put your AD on Google & Yahoo to be displayed only to your potential customers (targeted by geographic and demographics such as location, language, devices and more) and pay only when someone clicks on your AD1.

With our PPC advertising service, you will have PPC specialists help you develop effective keywords, market positioning, budgeting, Ad copywriting, and much more, to bring the targeted traffic to your site. Once we get started, we will keep you consistently updated with your Ad performance with a detailed monthly report and analysis of the performance of the keywords, and always keeping watch of any means that can be improved to generate profits for your business.

At Pristine Minds, we have highly talented graphic and AD designers who will create stunning Graphic Ads that will grab plenty of eyes and interests. You can be assured that each of your invested AD dollars will be multiplied and put to use to the fullest extend for maximum returns.

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Level 1 - Text AD Only

As the name suggests, Text Ads are simple text-based hyperlinks that do not include graphic images. For starters, begin with the Text Only Ads and level up as you measure your ROI. Start by choosing a number of keywords that relates to the products or services featured on your website. Then tell us who your target consumers are and how much you'd like to spend per month. We'll take care of the rest.

  • •  Keyword based search marketing.
  • •  Your AD on the top of the search results page & millions of other websites.
  • •  Pay only when people click on your AD.
  • •  Choose the languages and location of your target consumers.
  • •  Keyword optimization.
  • •  Comprehensive monthly report.
  • •  No annual contract required.
  • •  Spend up to $600/m on Google or Yahoo.
  • •  Cost: $150/m + AD cost2
Level 2 - Text AD + Graphic AD

With the combined effort of both Text Ads and Image Ads, your ads will have double the exposure than just running one type of ad. A picture is worth a thousand words. So are the Image Ads that feature attention grabbing visuals that prompt more interest on the business. This ad provides the advantage of showing a peek of your product or service, therefore allowing an opportunity to preview your product or service. We tailor the Image Ads for many different shapes and sizes for fitting and visibility on all browsers. Image Ads may be updated or redesigned as often as every month, so take advantage of this opportunity today!

  • •  All the features of Lv.1 included.
  • •  Create a beautiful AD and update it every month.
  • •  Spend up to $1200/m on Google or Yahoo.
  • •  Cost: $300/m + AD cost2
Level 3 - Text AD + Graphic AD + Flash/Video AD

This is the ultimate online marketing solution that combines the benefits of all the previous AD types plus infinite exposure and attraction. These ads involve motion graphics, also known as flash animation, or video ads. Flash/Video Ads are powerful advertising mediums that allows you to communicate with more information, more effectively, and in an exciting way. Flash/Video Ads add the "WOW" factor by incorporating animated text, graphics, and images that attracts the viewer's eyes and bring more people to your website.

  • •  All the features of Lv.2 included.
  • •  Create a beautiful Flash AD and update it every month.
  • •  Spend as much as you like on Google or Yahoo.
  • •  Cost: $600/m + AD cost2

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(1) Applicable monthly fees are charged separately for the services provided by Pristine Minds. 100% of the AD cost goes to Google/Yahoo.

(2) AD cost is the money paid to Google or Yahoo when someone clicks on your AD. The amount paid is determined by the popularity of the keyword searched and the position of your AD.